Kei Rich
Concept Artist/Character Designer

About Me


Hi! My name is Keitana Richmond and I’m a Concept Artist and Character Designer.

The family business led my parents and I to travel around the country. During these 6-10 hour road trips my parents would entertain me, or do anything to stop me from asking “How much longer?” by giving me animated movies to watch. As I got older, the love I have for animated movies never changed, and I knew I wanted to work in the animation industry.

I never stopped drawing, even when my teachers scolded me for drawing on my homework. I loved creating characters and bringing them to life with back stories. Later I learned there’s a job this is based on which is Concept Art.

I went to California Art Institute for 2 years for character animation then transferred to Otis College of Art and Design to focus on concept.


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Instagram: keirichmo